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blue ground coin design sheep wool carpet


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The “Wangen” carpet was hand weaven sheep wool with natural dyed. Dropenling found the “Wangden village” in 2003 at that time the “Wangden” carpet was almost at extinct condition. Since then the Dropenling encouraged the local artisans to keep produced the hand made carpet and also suggested them not to use the cheap packet colored, which is bad for the health. Dropenling had provided free natural dyed training 3times at their village. Besides the Dropenling started to ordered the carpet and enhance the products quality. At “Wangden” village there were still had many artisans who can produced the carpet but the quality was totally different. The particular hand made carpet was created by Peljor, who was almost 60 but he was still very hardworking.

: H:160 x W: 80 cm
Material: Sheep wool