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Fish design sheep wool hand made carpet


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The legend of “Wangden” carpet

Six hundred years ago, the valley summoned “Dhunjhor”, where a high ranked lama “Jayang Tharpey Gyaltsen”, who initially introduced the first Wangden carpet design “Dorjee” (Thunderbolt) and “Tamka” (The Tibetan coin design money). But during that time the current carpet style was not fomred yet but the actual design as already created on small fabric. After that people started woven the carpet based on these two main design and contributed to their native Lama for medidation. Since then the carpet weaver received high reputation from their local people as his carpet was accepted by holy ranked Lama in their village. Many people started learning carpet weaving skills and contributed monastery to receive the bless for their family. Gradually the demands came across from the different parts of the Tibet, espcially from the large monastery and then the people use the carpets and doing barter business in the local market. It was hand spurn sheep yarn with traditional natural dyed. Dimensions: H:160 x W: 80 cm

Material: Sheep wool