Authentic Tibetan Items Crafted by Local Artisans

Natural Materials, Fair Trade


Traditional Tibetan ornaments.
The art of silver handicraft spread in Tibet during the 15th century. The silversmiths in Shegar claim that their ancestors learned their craft from a Nepalese craftsman who married with one of their local women. Today there are seven silversmiths in Shegar making products. They have
received training from international designers to broaden their range of products.


Dropenling’s toys are inspired by images of real
and mythical animals in Tibetan paintings, carpets
and sculptures. The toys are carefully hand made
by Tibetan women in Lhasa and in mountainous
areas of Yunnan province.



Yaks are raised in the highlands of Tibet and hides
are sold to traders by nomads. In a village near
Lhasa three brothers carry on a long tradition
of making bags for tsampa (ground barley) and
saddle bags with appliqué designs. They also use
their hand-stitching skills to make unique new
products. Brass buttons and buckles have been
cast by a father and son in Namling Prefecture.